AdTech: Top-3 Trends to Follow

Nov 10, 2022

In recent years, the advertising industry has had to reinvent itself. The recent pandemic, coupled with the latest technological innovations, has led industry professionals to invest in new ideas.

Challenges, though, are the signposts of progress. AdTech evolves during these challenging times by revitalizing seemingly outdated channels and bringing new ones to the scene. Let’s explore the technologies the market will focus on in the next few years!

Out-of-home (OOH) Ads Are After You, Again!

The days of out-of-home advertising seemed over in 2020. Numerous restrictions had limited people’s ability to see outdoor ads in subways or streets for a few years, and it looked like OOH wouldn’t be back. 

But, today, prices for the billboards and OOH screen ads returned to the pre-pandemic numbers. Moreover, the methods of tracking customers have become far more sophisticated. Using geolocation, 5G networks, and extensive data analysis, advertisers can tune the ads for each customer. 

Imagine you’re in med school and need an essay. You’re rushing to the library because there isn’t time for anything. On the nearest digital billboard, you see the ad for the top writing reviews and get the opportunity to solve your problem in a blink of an eye!

For some, it can be not very pleasant, but most customers are happy to have a little push while considering a purchase. There’s nothing more devastating for a shopper than uncertainty. Algorithms and technology help make people’s lives a bit easier. 

Recollect any sci-fi movie about the not-too-distant future, and you’ll see what this is all about. Suddenly, a dark pandemic lot for advertisers has turned into a shiny reality!

Try-On and Buy with Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality has been a buzzword for a decade already. Before the pandemic, technology was used in toys, entertainment, and of course, advertising. However, when people had to stay at home, the value of AR for marketers grew tremendously. 

Experts predict a five-times market growth for AR by 2023. Customers had to re-evaluate the convenience of online shopping and augmented reality’s features ensured a new level of comfort. Want to try something on before buying? Done. Do you wonder how new furniture would look in your living room?

The future of AR in AdTech is promising. Post-covid people are prone to buying online since they became used to it during the pandemic. Moreover, why bother going somewhere if you can try and buy anything from home?

The functionality will increase in the years to come. The development of any advertising technology heavily depends on the industry’s interest in it and subsequent investments. AR is exactly what businesses have needed for decades to guide customers to purchase more effectively.

So, nothing should divert IKEA, Facebook, and other enterprises from making augmented reality to be their secret weapon. Get ready to meet this technology everywhere, from brick-and-mortar malls to your smartphone.   

Your TV Is Good for Shopping Now

Television has been used for advertising from the very moment it was invented. TV ads are utterly compelling, letting customers see and hear information about the goods and services. But Shoppable TV changes the game, again.

How often have you watched a movie and thought it would be nice to get a jacket, a table, or even a car that you’ve just seen in some scene? You had to remember or take a photo and then do some research to buy desired items. Now, you need your smartphone and a bit of attention. 

The idea is simple. You watch some movie on a streaming service, like Netflix or similar, and see a special shopping moment alert on the screen. You get your phone out, scan the QR code, and make the purchase. What can be easier? 

You don’t see the annoying ads that interrupt your emotions. You follow the situation instead of reading the news during the commercial. Your focus on the moment is 100%, so the chances of a successful purchase are much higher than a conventional ad can give. 

The technology is new, so a lot has to be done yet, but the idea is great. Shopping with TV is like choosing a company that delivers academic papers: you seek reviews by students, for example, to get the best result without intermediates! 

Max Mitchell is a freelance writer passionate about typing, creating complicated spreadsheets, and consuming excessive caffeine. Nevertheless, he is also a creative individual who will always find a new perspective on topics of interest. Thanks, Max for collaborating with us!

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