Top 7 Innovative Intelligence Tools for Copywriting

Jul 9, 2024

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Copywriting is a time-consuming task that requires complete focus and dedication. It also requires thorough subject knowledge, as well as an understanding of the latest writing trends. For this reason, writers sometimes need a helping hand that can correct their mistakes in a timely manner without overhauling the actual content.

Artificial intelligence has taken copywriting to the next level by introducing content automation. It is a great incentive that allows writers to just sit back and experience the creativity of automatic content production as per the needed requirements. Whether it’s a marketing copy or a company blog, new-age intelligence tools are capable of executing and handling every task. They do not need any supervision from the human writers, however, just require some early input from them to understand the whole writing context better.

Powered by the Natural Language Processing (NLP) model, they are able to come up with precise content. By delegating some general writing tasks to the AI tools, copywriters can focus on other critical tasks that require complete dedication.


Best AI Tools for Copywriting in 2024

There are tons of tools available in the market that could help writers to automate content generation. You can pick them as per the needed requirements, as every tool provides unique automation functionalities. If you do not know which tools should be used to streamline different copywriting tasks, take a look at the popular choices given below.


Jasper is a renowned AI copywriting tool that allows users to generate quality content for a variety of purposes. It is best recommended for blog posts, but could be also used to write marketing copies, emails, and other materials. Built with powerful AI technology, Jasper allows you to write on any topic no matter how complicated its details are.

The tool works at a lightning-fast speed, generating long-form content as per the needed requirements. Jasper is also considered very good at understanding the required content tone. This is also the reason why everyone loves to work with it, as Jasper can provide responses accurately as defined. is yet another great tool that makes the copywriting job easy for writers. It can generate tailored content for blogs, articles, sales emails, and other tasks quite effortlessly. People who have worked with, precisely love its suggestion features. The tool provides valuable ideas to enhance the quality of content, so that copywriters can produce their work with perfection. is specifically renowned for providing catchy email marketing copies. It also helps writers to come up with something new when they are running short of ideas. By providing various copywriting examples, it makes the work easy, enabling writers to produce fresh content every time.


Writesonic is a tool made specifically for those writers who are looking to create a landing page with catchy content. The tool is quite easy to use, which is what makes it very handy for writers. It is also well equipped with the knowledge of SEO, hence it can generate page copies rightly as per the targeted keyword requirements.

Besides these, Writesonic also provides other features that make writing and editing easy for everyone. It offers a paraphrasing tool, text summarizer and other features in the platform to make copywriting a hassle-free job for the writers. This is why many people use Writesonic to create landing page copies, as it offers great benefits.


If you want to rewrite an existing copy to enhance its quality and tone, QuillBot is the tool that will help you to do the job properly. It is a creative platform that allows you to improve the quality of the content by taking different automated measures. Unlike other tools, QuillBot does not use synonyms to change the words. Instead, it modifies the whole sentence in a creative way that makes everything look new in a copy.

Another thing that makes QuillBot a bit special among others is its paraphrasing of content in different styles. From formal to simple and creative to academic, QuillBot gives you the ease to regenerate content in different styles that suit your writing requirements.


Grammarly is one of those tools that is widely used by writers around the world. Rated as the #1 tool for content editing, Grammarly provides tons of features inside just one platform. Generally, people use Grammarly to correct grammar mistakes, however, the tool offers much more than that.

It is a complete platform where you will get correction suggestions for different types of mistakes. Whether your sentence is making a flawed sense, or its content is being plagued by multiple typo errors, Grammarly is the best tool that gives you a complete report of the submitted content with precise correction ideas.

OwlyWriter AI

OwlyWriter AI is an advanced writing and editing tool built precisely for social media copywriting. It comes in handy for social media marketers, as they love to create catchy post captions using OwlyWriter AI. It just requires a short description of what you’re looking for, and the rest is done by the platform.

Besides that, OwlyWriter AI can also help you to generate custom hashtags as per the context of your caption. This is a great benefit because creating such complete posts gives you a wider reach on social media. The tool also provides content suggestions based on the events coming ahead in the calendar. This is what makes OwlyWriter AI a complete tool for social media marketing, capable of handling various copywriting tasks all on its own.


Copysmith is a powerful AI writing tool built precisely for ecommerce teams. It is primarily used to create catchy product descriptions that can attract the attention of customers at first glance. You can get these descriptions in any style or tone, as the tool understands all the content requirements perfectly.

The good thing about Copysmith is that it can provide content in more than 65 languages. This is why it is used globally by many ecommerce store owners, as they term Copysmith as the best platform to get SEO-optimized product descriptions.

Hailey Savona is an avid content marketer at a leading graphic design agency: Logo Poppin. She loves to talk and write about everything tech including the latest trends. When Hailey isn’t blogging, she likes to take her dogs to the park for a little game of catch.

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