Tips for Improving Your Customer Service on Instagram in 2022

Jan 12, 2022

Instagram is now a great social media platform for businesses of all sizes and industries to build sales strategies and find new potential customers. 

Of course, this is not an easy task because you’ll find many competitors on the platform (There are more than 200 million business accounts on Instagram globally that users visit every day), each of which tries to grab users’ attention.

Searching for new followers and converting them into loyal customers is hard work that so many businesses try to acquire existing accounts instead of creating a new one.

Although this might help you save time, still, you have to think of efficient ways to make followers keep following your Instagram business account.

Having good Instagram customer service means building brand loyalty and finding potential user communities. Here is how you can improve your customer service on Instagram!

Respond to any comments, mentions, or direct messages

Remember that if someone wants to start a discussion with you on Instagram, whether by commenting, mentioning you, or sending you a direct message (DM), they expect to be heard, appreciated, and taken care of.

They may lose interest in following your account and probably purchasing from your brand if they receive an excellent response. The worse thing is that they may post bad reviews on Instagram or even on other platforms to dissuade other people from buying your products. This will significantly dent your brand’s reputation and can’t be compensated quickly.

That’s why a responsive customer service team has become essential for social media marketers.

It’s been well-established that providing outstanding customer service can lead to a competitive advantage. You’ll win clients’ hearts by responding quickly to their requests, and they become loyal to you as a result.

Also, you have to answer swiftly because your audience expects it. The days of customers being content to wait days for a response are long gone. They want answers now, and they want them now, even if it’s just 30 minutes after they leave a comment on your site.

Provide customer service contact in your Instagram bio

When it comes to Instagram customer service, it’s critical to make it simple for your followers to contact you. Because your bio is the first thing people see when visiting your Instagram profile, including a customer service contact is one of the most excellent methods to achieve that.

You may add a contact button to your bio area if you have an Instagram business profile. For example, you can provide three options for customers to reach: DMs, emails, and phone calls.

Think about FAQs on your Instagram

Another vital matter every business face is frequently asked questions. It would be best to take care of common questions your customers have.

Remember that not all clients will contact you via DMs or phone calls. So… if you don’t answer their questions on your channels, some people will go for another competitor.

As a result, providing a self-service solution on your Instagram profile, such as developing a particular Instagram highlight for commonly asked topics, is a wise strategy (FAQs).

Instagram Stories have 500 million daily active users, and they grow 15 times faster than account feeds. You may use Instagram Stories to respond to typical inquiries from your followers (Statista).

Request feedback from customers

You must have used Instagram to gather consumer feedback. You need to continue and improve your performance using this feedback.

Feedback from your audience is helpful to you and your engagement rates. Also, it helps you learn more about your target audience and build brand loyalty. You may then utilize the feedback to shape your Instagram marketing plan as you collect it.

Use Instagram Stories features (such as question stickers and quiz stickers), ask questions in your captions, or collaborate with influencers to obtain meaningful feedback on Instagram. 

Take advantage of customer support tools

It might be not easy to keep track of hundreds of Instagram comments, mentions, DMs, and responses daily. That’s not to include any client inquiries you could get through other channels like Facebook, Twitter, email, or live chat.

How do you keep track of all of your customers and their inquiries? How do you stay focused and productive when switching back and forth between multiple apps?

Put your feet in your customers’ shoes

Like other social media sites, Instagram is a less formal means of communication. When it comes to Instagram customer care, the tone you apply should be distinct from the tone you use when composing a support email.

Try to be more human and speak like customers to show you understand their situation.

You can utilize emoticons or use comedy in your response to their query, depending on the tone of the consumer you’re dealing with. Customers will feel like they’re communicating with a buddy if you react to their comment with merely a GIF.

Don’t be scared to interact with consumers as though you’ve known them for a long time. However, it would help to use caution while applying words and punctuation. Slang might be offensive in some cultures, and non-standard spelling and grammar can come off as faults.

In conclusion, customer service is a must in every online business, and Instagram marketing is no different. If you want to keep your customers and find new ones, you don’t have any options but to make them believe they’re part of your brand story. 

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