Social networks as drivers of human relations

Oct 17, 2023

The Emerging Sportech Opportunity


The increasing use of social networks leads to increased communication and, therefore, to more fluid exchanges between different nationalities: networks facilitate international relations.

New information and communication channels

Today, the Internet is an essential communication and information network. Almost all our societies are now connected: celebrities, politicians, influencers, and even strangers can get in touch. Applications such as X or Tik Tok, which are very popular and sought-after, broadcast information all day long, whether playful or formal and keep people up to date with every event taking place in the four corners of the world.

Nowadays, every incident is posted almost directly on social networks, giving Internet users access to immediate information. Social networks also promote content: political figures use them to boost their message and reach a wider audience, and influencers use platforms like Tik Tok that quickly gain many people. It’s a fast and effective way of getting maximum viewers.

The rise of social networks has led to a new way of circulating information between individuals, but also between institutions and individuals, and between institutions themselves.

Social networks as a new way of socializing

Social networks are platforms for sharing, where anyone can give their opinion, thoughts, and feelings on any subject. Communication is international, as the world has access to the same content: it’s not unusual to see comments in different languages under a video, photo, or post.

One person’s influence can therefore be vast – even immense. Networks offer a wide range of content, sometimes in many languages, and some even translate certain content to make it accessible to everyone.

Watching videos on platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, or YouTube allows viewers to discover new landscapes, cultures, and countries. The impression of proximity is much greater because the spirit of discovery is much more prominent: disseminating and promoting a foreign culture arouses viewers’ curiosity.

These social networks make it possible to communicate with people from different cultures, create links, and establish genuine relationships around the world.

Finally, some networks offer a different kind of contact that is more professional than personal: this is the case with LinkedIn, for example. Sharing your professional experience allows you to establish connections with other international bodies and thus enrich your personal and professional experience.

All in all, social networks are real communication channels, offering many advantages, both social and professional. There’s plenty of scope for opening up to the world and more opportunities to make international contacts. Networks are an easy and effective way of disseminating content, whether informative or entertaining, responding to it, and sharing it with people worldwide. In other words, social networks and digital technology facilitates and develops the creation of relationships between international companies.


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