Innovating with Artificial Intelligence: a roadmap to 2024

Jan 5, 2024

Written by Juan Calleja

IT Engineering Director at Telecoming

At Telecoming, we have always strived to be at the forefront of technological innovation, and 2023, with artificial intelligence (AI) as the main protagonist, has been no exception. During the year, we have witnessed an explosion in the development and application of AI in all areas. In our particular context, we have been interested since its emergence in proactively adopting the possibilities that AI brings to improve and expand our services.

From forecasting to image creation

Our journey with artificial intelligence has been brief but intense compared to other IT areas. For years, we have been using artificial intelligence models for forecasting techniques, improving our predictive capabilities and operational efficiency. However, our exploration of AI has continued by far, and since the planet has discovered the power of chatbots and the great AI tools we have experienced this year, we are getting to know and working in-depth with them day by day.

For this reason, we have taken a step forward by developing innovative services for generating images from other images, working with prompts and providing additional knowledge and know-how to a tool that already impresses us with its capacity. This advance, based on the application of machine learning algorithms and advanced AI models, includes text and image moderation, making it safer, faster and more accessible. In addition, we have also tested it with models for generating images from text, extending the horizon thanks to our team’s creative and design capabilities.

Committed to privacy and regulation

Aware of the importance of regulation in the field of artificial intelligence and the protection of data privacy, it is essential to emphasize this point. Undoubtedly, this year, we have been blown away by all that we have been able to see and experience thanks to AI, but we have also been frightened by all the uses that can be applied to this technology. That is why we have strived to apply AI regulation correctly, ensuring that our operations respect the privacy and rights of our users and provide value with reliable and secure products.

Infrastructure innovation: preparing for the future

As IT Engineering Director, I am proud to highlight the advances we have worked on in this area during 2023. We have equipped Telecoming with an intelligent auto-scaling system that allows us to meet the growing demand for Artificial Intelligence services, enabling us to elevate the potential of these services without fear of being left behind. This system, fundamental to developing digital products and services, will grow and become much more potent in 2024 if we remain attentive to new developments and technological advances.

Strategic connections and collaborations with other leading AI companies

Recognizing the importance of collaboration in AI, this year has been vital for all those who had yet to approach other companies already working and applying Artificial Intelligence due to fear or simply lack of knowledge. During 2023, we have established connections to develop AI-related APIs with market leaders. These collaborations have also allowed us to be at the forefront of innovation and offer our users the best AI technology.

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond

As we approach 2024, we continue to explore and embrace new applications of AI with great excitement, trying to envision how far we can take what we already have and the technologies we know are coming. Committed to continuous innovation, we expect the coming year to be full of new ways to design and improve our services and create new user opportunities.

At Telecoming, we are undoubtedly excited about what the future holds in the AI world and are ready to continue leading the way in our sector in this exciting era of technology!

Stay tuned!


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