A Pro Vision of the next dimension of VR in sports and entertainment

Feb 12, 2024

The Emerging Sportech Opportunity

The unveiling of Apple Vision Pro represents a breakthrough of any of the immersive experiences we know so far. Whether it is Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or a mixed reality experience, the new Apple product represents a milestone similar to other fundamental technological breakthroughs that have transformed society. Much like the smartphone’s debut or the birth of Internet, the recent launch of the Vision Pro has signaled a seismic shift in how we will engage with digital content, particularly within the realms of sports and entertainment.

This blog post aims to contextualize the Apple Vision Pro within the pantheon of historical tech developments, drawing parallels and exploring its immediate impact through notable examples such as the F1 or NBA’s ventures into enhanced viewing experiences or the first steps from the retail sector using the innovative augmented Reality from the Vision Pro.

Historical parallels: are the Vision Pro a tech milestone?

The arrival of the Vision Pro can be likened to the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 or the commercialization of the World Wide Web in the early ’90s, and these moments marked the beginning of a new era in how individuals interact with technology, altering daily life, business, education, and entertainment. With the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, Apple reshaped the phone industry and our engagement with digital content. Smartphones made the internet portable and introduced the app economy, but the iconic first iPhone created a new paradigm for social interaction and entertainment.

Like these technology milestones, the Vision Pro, with its unprecedented immersive capabilities, is poised to usher in a new age of digital immersion and interaction, blending the physical and virtual worlds in ways previously unimaginable.

Revolutionizing the sports viewing experience

The NBA’s initial exploration into the Vision Pro’s capabilities offers a glimpse into the future of sports consumption. Now, fans experience sports events with unprecedented immersion, feeling as though they are sitting courtside from any location. This evolution in viewing experience mirrors the transformative impact of high-definition television on sports broadcasting in the early 2000s, offering a more transparent, more engaging way to watch live events.


The Vision Pro elevates this further by adding a spatial dimension to viewing. It provides every live broadcast with additional content like statistics, immersive replays or 3D models, making it a groundbreaking development in sports entertainment.

It has not only been the case of the NBA that we have witnessed from the product launch but also of exciting prototypes for broadcasting other sports, such as Formula 1. At the forefront of new ways to engage with the audience, the Vision Pro is a great opportunity for the F1 to present a unique experience with three-dimensional graphics and total immersion in every driver’s car during a race.


Augmented Reality for sports retail

Similarly, one of the first companies in the retail sector to launch customized content for Vision Pro was Decathlon, using Augmented Reality to showcase the device’s potential beyond pure entertainment. By enabling customers to try out equipment virtually in various environments, Decathlon is revolutionizing the retail experience, reminiscent of the e-commerce boom initiated by Amazon in the late ’90s. This application of Vision Pro’s technology demonstrates how AR can enhance consumer decision-making and satisfaction, providing a personalized shopping experience that was unimaginable just a few years ago.



A broader impact: looking to the future

The implications of Vision Pro extend across various sectors, from education and healthcare to remote work and social interaction. Its ability to create deeply immersive and interactive environments can transform how we learn, providing virtual field trips or realistic simulations for medical training. Similarly, its impact on remote work could parallel the revolution sparked by email and video conferencing, offering a more connected and engaging way to collaborate from afar.


“It’s undeniable that spatial computing will mark a before and after in how we enjoy sports. Meta made a first bet on VR with the Quest Pro & 3 launch, but Apple’s arrival gives the twist and the boost needed by this technology for years. Apple has created a rounded product focused on entertainment, marking a breaking point for mixed reality. It may be the next evolution of the TV, going from cathode ray tubes, plasma, LED and … virtual?”

Alexis Suárez, IT Development Director at Telecoming

As we stand on the cusp of this new technological era heralded by the Vision Pro, it’s essential to recognize the broader historical context of this innovation. Just as the smartphone and the internet opened new frontiers for communication, commerce, and content consumption, the Vision Pro promises to redefine our relationship with digital content, making immersive experiences commonplace.

It’s clear that we are only scratching the surface of what is possible, as the device is not just transforming how we experience sports or entertainment today; it is setting the stage for future innovations in all types of landscapes:

Education: with interactive, 3D models for science and engineering education or virtual field trips to historical sites or natural wonders.

Healthcare: with realistic simulations for surgical training or AR-assisted diagnostics and patient care.

Business: remote work enhanced with virtual meetings with realistic avatars and environments and collaboration in virtual workspaces, improving productivity and engagement.

Security: new techniques (and vision) for detecting security breaches in any environment.

Social interaction: new social media experiences, blending real and virtual interactions, and enhanced event participation.



The introduction of the Apple Vision Pro is more than just another product launch; it’s a historical milestone that aligns with other transformative moments in technology’s evolution and a pivotal moment for the sports and entertainment industries. By enhancing how we experience sports, revolutionizing retail, and potentially reshaping numerous other aspects of society, the launch of the Apple Vision Pro stands as a testament to the ongoing journey of digital innovation for Cupertino’s company and the entire technology world.

As we embrace this new era for mixed reality experiences, we look forward to exploring the myriad ways in which it will continue to explore this new frontier, which looks set to change the future of immersive technology definitively.


Stay tuned!