It’s been 10 years since our company’s birth and lots of things have changed ever since. However, one thing remains the same, our commitment to our employees. Telecoming began by developing a billing platform aimed at digital content purchases. Four years later, the company was turning over €26M. In a decade the business model has transformed and diversified forecasting new potential requests and users´needs and this has eventually enriched and increased Telecoming’s workforce over the past years.

A young, talented and international team

The company currently counts on a heterogeneous team formed by more than 117 employees, whose expertise goes from technology, operations, data and advertising to I&D, contents and project management. The business’ gradual international expansion has also driven the adherence of new international profiles focused on the different locations in which Telecoming operates. More precisely, our talent base background is distributed as follows: 65% Spanish talents and 35% International ones.

Moreover, the average age of our teams is 34, since 45% of our talents are in their 20´s, 40% in their 30’s and 15% over 40. In spite of being a young talent base, 57% of our employees have over 5 years of experience in their respective fields. In addition, 83% of Telecoming’s profiles have received a higher education & or a Master’s Degree.

Telecoming, among the best workplaces

At Telecoming, our success in teams’ management around profiles with different backgrounds, different specializations is one of the decisive elements that has positioned the company among Europe´s Top 10 Employers in 2017 and among Spain’s 100 Best Workplaces the same year. We acknowledge our teams as our most relevant asset and for this reason, we strongly promote ongoing career development and we encourage many initiatives aimed at employee engagement and team building.

Moreover, Telecoming’s commitment with talent promotion explains the company’s strong bet for specialized training programs that contribute towards improving our teams’ skills, as well as other interpersonal aspects. These  aim to further develop our talents’s capabilities both at a professional and at a personal level. Eventually, happy and fulfilled employees foster a good wotrking environment  and are also more committed to their job and their company!

Source: Telecoming ad-tech