The way we enjoy sports has evolved, and the future of this big industry founds new opportunities in the digital economy.

Compared to other types of entertainment, sports fans are moved by passion and look for an almost live experience to enjoy it authenticly.

Sports are built up by the nature of itself

Emotions and loyalty are crucial in this industry, and technology has managed to keep them on the sports business. On the digital economy landscape, how do you maintain this passion?

Lake in any other game, fans’ identity, illusion, adrenaline, sports competition and pride are some of the feelings arousing when watching sports.

Technology offers the potential for sports organisations to enhance their engagement with both new and existing fans, and to monetise growing international audiences.

Interactivity reproduces in the digital environment the feeling of community, which allows new media to battle with television.

Users sports fans have accepted that the consumption of quality sports information has to be paid.

The new generations boost sports

Among the Z generation, 58.5% enjoys audiovisual content from devices other than TV. This figure is a consolidated trend: 85% of Z users confess watching less traditional television than two years ago.

Millennials and Digital Natives choose to consume shorter content: highlights or summaries integrated into other platforms, such as social networks, websites or apps, among others.

Sports has a huge business opportunity within the digital environment

The world’s great technology companies such as Facebook, Amazon and Twitter have invested between $ 100 M and $ 500 M in the last three years to acquire the best sports leagues licenses to promote them on their platforms, according to Juniper Research.

The perception we have about sports, their brands, their hopes and their goals are PREMIUM. Sport is an industry that generates exclusive content.

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Source: Telecoming ad-tech