Sport is more digital than ever; that’s why we have carried out an analysis of the Spanish market. Spain represents 6.1% of the European digital ticketing market. In 2019, the Spanish business volume will exceed €9,100M. In Spain, the turnover of digital sports tickets will surpass € 310M this year.

In 2019, more than 1 million users in Spain will access sporting events with mobile tickets. 51% of these users also purchased the ticket through a mobile device. There are just over half a million mobile buyers of sports events tickets in Spain today. Thus, at the end of the year, there will be 3.44M mobile tickets to sporting events purchased.

In the next four years, mobile ticketing buyers will double reaching a figure of 2M digital sports fans.

The average ticket value for a sporting event acquired with a smartphone is almost 35€. In 2024, the average spending will decrease to 32€ euros. However, the number of mobile buyers of sports tickets will be nearly double.

According to Roberto Monge, Chief Operations Officer at Telecoming, “the application of the DSP2 offers great opportunities to mobile sports ticketing industry. Carrier Billing is the most simple, fast and secure way to purchase tickets in a single click through a mobile“.

Source: Telecoming ad-tech